School Trip


Lessons in the Wild



First Ever Outreach Lessons at New Forest Wildlife Park

Every Thursday morning, my hospital outreach teacher and I go to the New Forest Wildlife Park and do fun activities to do with all the animals. The park is an excellent place to learn because it’s quiet, calm and relaxing and I work better when I have animals surrounding me. My favourite part of the first visit last week was the fact that I got to hear all the wolves howling opposite me. It took a lot of courage for me to come out without my family so I hope that other kids in my situation will be brave enough to do what I did.

Year 8 Outreach Pupil

Putting Fantastic in Theatre

This December, pupils in Bursledon House were treated to a terrific night at the theatre. They adored watching Fantastic Mr. Fox's life unfold before their eyes.

With all the intense drama, brilliant songs, free ice-creams and hilarious moments with the staff, the children fell in love with their night out.

"It was a great show - glad I went!" Theo, age 7.
"The production quality was outstanding. I was amazed at how well suited it was for all age groups" Molly, age 16.
"I felt well supported and I really enjoyed it, especially as I wouldn't have had the opportunity otherwise." Albie, age 11.