Celebrating Progress

Whilst working within the hospital environment, we are still firmly a school driven by ensuring each pupil makes significant progress in their educational outcomes. Whilst in school on the wards, your child’s teacher will record your child’s progress against age related expectations and this will be visible within their exercise books. You are encouraged to meet with your child’s teacher regularly to discuss their progress and next steps in their learning.

Whilst at our school, your child will receive a high quality, enjoyable education that builds upon their prior attainment and provides them with learning that promotes the values of personal challenge, resilience, creativity and aspiration. Our curriculum is centred primarily on English Maths and Science, whilst also offering breadth and diversity wherever possible.

We fully understand the challenges that many of our pupils are facing each day and our staff are highly experienced in supporting your child’s emotional needs and wellbeing during lessons. We also work closely with our NHS colleagues to ensure that your child is receiving a high-quality integrated care package throughout their stay at our school.