Learning Through Lockdown

Rewind. March 18th 2020: lockdown imminent, schools and libraries forced to close their doors, self-isolation, support bubbles and social distancing fast becoming the new normal. With Covid-19 set to disrupt the education of thousands of pupils of all ages, GCSE exams and career aspirations too are hanging in the balance. The race for effective and engaging new ways of teaching and learning is on.

In practical terms, this meant the potential of new technology not only needed to be harnessed but mastered quickly by teachers and students alike. Once vetted for its suitability, a plethora of internet-based learning platforms and video resources provided a wealth of opportunities. There were challenges to overcome too e.g. regarding the use of equipment, managing Zoom calls, screen-sharing or working collaboratively in Google Classroom – all of which felt quite exciting yet somewhat daunting at times. And clearly, what helped ensure lessons could be delivered successfully was the gritty determination of our students themselves and of their parents.

Well done everyone!