Assessing New Needs

We recognise that sometimes you are in the middle of an extremely upsetting and distressing time in terms of your child’s changing health needs. We are here to help support you through this time, particularly in terms of your child’s return to their usual school. Children who have experienced a major event in their health such as an acquired brain injury, organ transplant or treatment for cancer may need a programme of carefully planned support during their reintegration back to school, or indeed a start at a new specialist setting. We will work closely alongside the therapy and rehabilitation teams at the hospital to deliver a reintegration programme that ensures this process is as successful and stress free as possible.

This may include:

  • Attending multi-disciplinary meetings within the hospital alongside medical staff, teachers from mainstream schools and other specialist services
  • Supporting a phased programme of visits back to school
  • ELSA support
  • Providing reports and coordinating medical evidence for EHCP processes
  • Providing schools with a full report on the graduated approach used in SHS to meet needs
  • Discharging each student with a full academic and progress report if they have received 20+ teaching sessions

We also welcome visits from school staff to meet with children and observe their progress within the classroom.