SCHS is a targeted teaching service that sits within Southampton Children’s Hospital. The school works alongside a range of medical and clinical professionals to meet the learning needs of its pupils. SCHS seeks to provide high quality education in line with each child’s prior attainment and potential alongside ensuring each pupil works within a structure of age related expectations. While providing this service we will take account of all the emotional and medical needs and tailor our service to ensure we are meeting the individual needs of the pupils.

Whilst working within the hospital environment with a wide range of various needs we are still firmly a school driven by ensuring each pupil makes measurable progress in their educational outcomes. Recognising the need for equal opportunities for all pupils to retain parity with their peers in their home school/mainstream setting will focus primarily on the key core skills of reading, writing and numeracy. The curriculum offer has a core around reading, writing and maths whilst recognising the need for breadth when the opportunities present themselves. We provide the appropriately levelled curriculum provision and measure effectively the progress that each pupil makes to ensure that we can report back effectively to the home school when the pupils has been discharged from the service.