Key Stage 4

At SHS, we fully understand that Key stage 4 is a pivotal period of time in a student’s school life; it is the point at which they make subject choices that define their future study, as well as a period of preparation for public examinations and life beyond secondary school. We also understand that this can be a stressful and difficult time for some students, especially if they are experiencing a period of ill health or prolonged absence from school.

When a young person is referred to us, we contact key staff within their mainstream school, including examination officers, to ensure that we have access to all of the necessary information regarding courses, predicted outcomes, exam boards and examination schedules. Any information you can provide us with on admission will inevitably help to quicken this process.

Our main focus will be on the core subjects of English, maths and science, but our highly trained secondary teaching team will also support the study of other option subjects wherever possible. We will work with you and your child, in consultation with medical personnel, to create a personalised timetable and programme of learning. This may include independent study and revision for the periods during which your child does not have direct access to a teacher or classroom. At the heart of all KS4 programmes of study will be ambitious targets and end points, allowing children to feel confident and fully prepared for the examinations. Young people are also given the opportunity to enjoy extra-curricular activities and whole class teaching in subjects such as PSHE, careers, cookery and PE, to allow time to focus on their personal development, health and well-being.

Our teaching and support teams also provide advice and guidance to young people as they plan and navigate their transition to post-16 education or work. We can help them research college or work based placements, including assisted visits alongside Occupational Therapists from the hospital. We fully support students during the application process and help them to acquire and utilise the skills needed to function successfully in a post-16 or work environment.

Public Examinations
KS4 students can sit their examinations within the hospital building as transferred candidates, in arrangement with their usual school and the examination boards. Our examinations officer will make the necessary arrangements for this and will liaise with all parties involved to ensure young people are not disadvantaged by being in hospital or being unable to access their own school during the examination period.

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