At KS4 students follow elements of the SCHS whole school curriculum such as cooking and PE, however their educational journey whilst they are with us is informed by their home school. The staff at SCHS will plan a personalised curriculum for key stage 4 students based on the GCSE subjects that they are studying, in line with the targeted grades set by home school and SCHS ethos of encouraging our students to learn to be compassionate, resilient and aspirant. As like KS3 the teaching will have an emphasis on English and Maths but in each case SCHS will work in collaboration with home schools to meet the student’s needs.

SCHS can support pupils preparing for exams. However, the school is not a registered exam centre and so cannot enter pupils for examinations. If a pupil has been entered for an exam which falls during their stay in hospital, SCHS can collaborate with the home school to facilitate appropriate arrangements for the exam to be sat within the hospital.