Piam Brown

Children who are either on the ward or attending day clinic in Piam Brown are able to continue their education through either bedside or classroom teaching.

The classroom for Piam Brown in based on G-level, in Piam Brown in the Teenagers room. Children are referred through nurses or play specialists on the ward. Bedside teaching is available for children unable to attend the classroom due to either restricted mobility or isolation.

At Southampton Children’s Hospital School our staff are sympathetic to the medical needs and strains put upon children during their time here. We are aware that children may not be able to do full sessions and children are encouraged to do work that they are able to accomplish and should never feel unable to say if they are tired and need to stop or take a break.

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Katie Kempsey
  • 023-8120-4365
  • info@shs.jetrust,org
  • Piam Brown Classroom, G-Level Southampton Children's Hospital School 119 Tremona Road Southampton SO16 6HU
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Katie Kempsey

I teach throughout the Hospital School and my background is in Secondary Science....