Southampton Medical Outreach

SCHS provides outreach tuition for Southampton pupils who are unable to attend their usual school due to medical needs. The service is aimed at equipping young people with the confidence to re-enter their usual schooling.

Our outreach team of qualified teachers benefits from years of experience and can provide-

  • 1:1 tuition up to 5 hours a week.
  • Work within pupils’ homes & local libraries.
  • Support reintegration visits back to school.


Current 100% discount for first 6 weeks

Outreach Packages

Primary Pupil


Including 60% discount, cost for 6 weeks.

Secondary Pupil


Including 60% discount, cost for 6 weeks.



1:1 Support with reintegration for Bursledon House pupils.

Pricing FAQ

Rationale for cost

Costs are established based on per pupil funding amounts for schools in England of £3,500 for Primary and £4,800 for Secondary.

How many places are available

The outreach provision has space for 10 pupils however, all referrals are considered and accommodated where-ever possible.

How are schools charged

Schools are invoiced on a 6 week basis in accordance with current costs.

Is the price negotiable

SCHS has already sought to reduce the cost as far as is possible through the implementation of heavy discounting during the first 12 weeks of tuition.

Referral Process

Pupil Cannot Attend School

A medical need prevents normal school attendance, usually following a stay in hospital.

Pupil referred for Outreach

Essential information is shared and a tuition plan created in partnership with the home school and parents.

6 Weeks of Tuition

The pupil received 1:1 tuition from a qualified teacher in the home, a local library or at school.

Referral is Reviewed

After 6 weeks the referral is reviewed with the home school and continued if necessary.

Pupil Back In School

Where ever possible, we aim to see pupils back in their home school before the end of tuition.