Bursledon Intro

  • School

    Our School

    Southampton Hospital School is an alternative provision academy providing hospital education to pupils in Southampton General Hospital & Outreach to pupils within the city of Southampton.

    The service is focused on supporting pupils with medical needs and enabling pupils to reintegrate back into their home school.

  • Hospital

    Hospital Admissions

    Any stay in hospital can be disorientating and difficult, but it doesn’t have to have a negative impact on your education. In fact, many pupils find the small class sizes and opportunities for 1:1 teaching at Southampton Hospital School helps them to make rapid progress in areas that they have previously found difficult.

    Whether your stay in hospital is planned or unexpected, you will find friendly teachers and relaxed classrooms ready to help you.

  • Outreach

    Outreach Tuition

    Southampton Hospital School also runs a home tuition service to support pupils currently unable to attend school for medical reasons.

    Admissions are dealt with on a referral basis, and there is a cost to home schools for the provision. Home tuition aims to reintegrate pupils back into their home schools.

  • Bursledon

    Bursledon House

    Southampton Hospital School also provides full time education for pupils staying at Bursledon House. The unit is served by two classrooms, a primary and a secondary.

    Pupils love our small classes and friendly atmosphere. Every pupil can also expect to make rapid progress with close support from teachers & teaching assistants.

  • Curriculum

    Our Curriculum

    Whilst working within the hospital environment with a wide range of various needs we are still firmly a school driven by ensuring each pupil makes measurable progress in their educational outcomes.

    The curriculum offer has a core around reading, writing and maths whilst recognising the need for breadth when the opportunities present themselves. We provide the appropriately levelled curriculum provision and measure effectively the progress that each pupil makes to ensure that we can report back effectively to the home school when the pupils has been discharged from the service.