Could you be a Parent Governor?

SCHS invites parents to enquire about joining the governing body; please contact the School Office on 023 8120 6667 for more information. This is an exciting opportunity to join our team and take part in the continuing drive to improve our school.

Dear Parents,

The school and teaching staff have been very supportive. They always give me updates on my son’s progress and his confidence has grown a lot.

- Mrs P (Parent)

Welcome to Southampton Children’s Hospital School, an Alternative Provision Academy based at Southampton General Hospital. Our school is focused on enabling pupils with medical needs to access education and we are organised into three key areas to accomplish this: the General Hospital Wards, Bursledon House residential unit & our Medical Outreach Provision.

Across our service, we offer a broad and balanced curriculum to meet the individual needs of each pupil. Every child will benefit from quality educational time both on a one to one and small group basis. We also liaise with mainstream schools to gather information enabling us to provide continuity for each child’s study programme. Where appropriate we can also facilitate the taking of GCSE and SATs examinations.

We understand that any stay in hospital is unsettling for you and your family, and we will work to minimise the effect on your child’s education and ensure that they feel as happy and supported as possible when being taught in class or at bedside.

Our Vision

Thank you for schooling my daughter during her stay at Bursledon House; she has thoroughly enjoyed herself.

- Mr B (Parent)

We believe that all children with medical needs are entitled to excellent educational, pastoral and spiritual support during a period of their lives when they are unable to attend their home schools.We believe that all pupils have a right to an enriching and stimulating curriculum delivered by teachers who are passionate about the provision.

We are committed to working as part of a multi-disciplinary team to support young people either on their return to school within the framework of a smooth transition process or to identify the best provision post discharge.

As a team we believe in the provision of education based on individual pupils’ needs and delivered within a caring and happy atmosphere.

School Ethos

  • All pupils are taught within a welcoming, caring and supportive environment.
  • Every pupils is given the opportunity to access a broad and balanced curriculum based on individual educational and health considerations and needs.
  • Pupils and staff demonstrate care, consideration and respect for others regardless of ability, gender, belief or race.
  • Enjoyment and educational potential and maximised within the social, emotional, physical, moral and spiritual values of the curriculum.
  • Parent and multi-agency partnership is a valued aspect of the service.
  • Pupil achievements are recognised and celebrated.

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