What is life like at the Hospital School? Find out here.


If you are expecting to come to the hospital school you may find it helpful to read through some of these questions and answers. We know that coming into hospital for any reason can raise all sorts of questions, so if you cannot see the answer you are looking for you can also send you question as an email using the form at the bottom of this page.

"Will I have to wear a uniform?"


No, you won't have to wear a uniform. In Bursledon House children wear their own suitable clothes. On the wards children often wear pyjamas or comfortable clothes.

"Do I get a break time?"


Yes! All pupils have lunch between 12:00 - 1:00pm. There is also a morning break between 10:15 & 10:45am.

"Do I have to bring work from school?"


No. You do not need to bring work from school unless you are doing G.C.S.E's. Whilst here you will follow the Hospital School curriculum, but if there is something you would like to focus on learning your teacher will be happy to include it.

"Will I be on my own in the classroom?"


There are always other children at the hospital school, sometimes you may work with children your age, sometimes you may work with older or younger children. You may even have the chance to work 1:1 with your teacher.

"What if I can't leave my bay or bed?"


You can still go to school, school will just come to you! Our teachers are able to work 1:1 at your bedside, and we work closely with the doctors and nurses to make sure we come at a good time.

How long can I stay at the Hospital School?"


Pupils come to the hospital school during their stay in hospital. Some pupils may pop in again if they need to visit the hospital for an appointment, but generally pupils stop going to our school when they stop needing to come to hospital.

Do you go on school trips?


Yes! School trips are organised throughout the year, and all children who are well enough to attend are invited. We do not charge for any trips and they will always link in with our curriculum.

Do you have special visitors?


The hospital school has been known to have some very special visitors including the Duchess of Cornwall and the whole of Saints FC!

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