Year 8

If your child is unable to attend our school because they are currently isolating, we will support their education remotely. Our blended learning offer includes the resources below alongside further 1:1 online lessons. Your child’s tutor will be in touch to arrange these 1:1 lessons. We are able to offer a minimum of two 1 hour sessions per week.

The online learning is organised into Primary and Secondary areas. Secondary is then organised by year 7, 8, 9 and KS4. If you are unsure how to use the online lessons provided then please have a look at the overview documents and the instruction video to help.

If you complete the work for your year group then please feel free to contact your teacher or our Director of Teaching and Learning Mrs Gregory who would be happy to discuss further remote learning options for you.


Please read this YEAR 8 MATHS OVERVIEW before selecting one of the options below.


Please read this YEAR 8 SCIENCE OVERVIEW before selecting one of the options below.