Curriculum Approach

When your child is referred to our school they will receive a high quality educational experience which will enrich and build upon the skills and knowledge they have already gained in their own school. At SHS we pride ourselves on providing a curriculum offer that is bespoke to each individual learner and your child will follow a fully tailored individual curriculum that considers their needs and the reason for their admission to hospital. During their time at our school, however short, your child will receive a unique and powerful learning experience that will benefit them even after they leave our school.

We are extremely proud of our approach towards curriculum design and implementation, an approach that we believe leads to substantial and meaningful gains in students’ knowledge and skills. At the heart of our curriculum lies ambition, high academic standards and a desire to create intellectual curiosity, growing resilience, a genuine thirst for knowledge and a love of learning for all of our young people, some of whom may have lost this for a period of time, due to personal challenges and adversity.

We understand that your child may often be feeling unwell or may be unable to access school full time and so your child’s teachers will ensure that every lesson is stimulating, enjoyable, challenging and relevant. Your child’s teacher will also take into account their schooling background and tailor an individual programme of learning that follows the national curriculum and expected standards in all areas.

We encourage you to meet with your child’s teachers and talk to them about your hopes and ambitions for their time with us and to share your child’s experiences of education in their normal setting. We also maintain strong working partnerships with medical practitioners and our mainstream colleagues when planning and tailoring your child’s educational package. We strongly believe that this collaborative, child centred approach, is what enables our students to continue to make significant progress during a difficult time in their lives.