Children's Hospital

When your child is admitted to Southampton Children’s Hospital they will be referred to SHS by their medical team. Alternatively, you can request your child be referred by speaking to your child’s medical team. School staff will meet with you upon referral to discuss your child’s current educational provision and any additional needs they may have. We will also ask your consent to contact your child’s usual school so that we can liaise regarding their education.

Your child will then be placed on roll at SHS and can immediately start attending the classrooms on Piam Brown or G3, or be taught at their bedside. As your child will be dual-rolled, attending our school does not affect their usual school place.

What to Bring

Where possible, we ask parents to bring a copy of your child’s latest school report or education plan. Our secondary pupils also like to bring their log-in details for any online learning platforms that they usually use. Your child does not need to wear school uniform to attend our school in the Children’s hospital.

Be Involved

We fully believe that the best education occurs when teachers and parents are working together to support children’s learning. School staff are available to meet with you regularly to discuss your child’s progress and wellbeing. Appointments can be made directly through the school office or through your child’s medical team. We would also appreciate your feedback and the end of your child’s stay. You will receive an evaluation questionnaire that will enable us to continue to refine and improve the service we offer.