School Ethos
Here at Southampton Hospital School, we feel incredibly proud and privileged to be working within a unique setting, one that is tailored to meet the educational, health and emotional needs of young people. We offer all learners a high quality, engaging educational experience which skilfully and sequentially enriches and builds upon their existing skills and knowledge. Our ethos is encapsulated in our three core values:


We believe that any period of ill health should not create barriers to educational progress and achievement. Our bespoke approach to curriculum design and delivery ensures that all children make substantial and meaningful gains in their knowledge and skills whilst they are attending our school. At the heart of our curriculum lies high academic standards, a desire to create intellectual curiosity and a commitment to setting young people on the path to a full and productive life.


We are strongly committed to developing resilience in our young people and recognise that this may be an attribute they have temporarily lost due to personal challenges and difficulties connected to their health. We aim to rebuild their self-belief and re-engage them with the education system. We recognise that their time with us may just be the start of a long journey to recovery and therefore see it as our duty to teach and develop the characteristics, behaviours and beliefs necessary for the successful continuation of this journey.


Our highly experienced teachers and support staff know that any stay in hospital, or prolonged spell of absence from school, is highly unsettling and disruptive for young people and their families. All of our interactions with young people are therefore compassionate, empathetic and essentially caring in nature. We work in close partnership with hospital health professionals, partner schools, community mental health services and inclusion services to ensure that the emotional needs of all of our young people are fully understood and met.