Fish, Festivities and Fantastic Learning on PB

It has been very fishy up here on Piam Brown this term, and that was before those naughty elves started causing havoc on the ward (so far they have already been found face down on the photocopier and suspended on a drip stand, hiding inside the saline bags!)

This term we have been following our new Journeys curriculum, with a focus on all things related to the sea. Our KS2 pupils have been marvelling at the exploits of Shackleton and his crew whilst our younger children have been studying, amongst other sea inspired stories, the Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfizer. There has been lots of cutting and pasting to create our own beautiful rainbow fish. We have also counted sea creatures, fished for Phonics, sang along to the animated version of the story and used the playdough to make our own sea creatures.

Meanwhile, the KS3 and 4 students have been successfully using the resources and facilities of our classroom along with new technologies to link with their home schools. This new 2020 world of blended learning has helped to ensure that any adverse impact of their ongoing treatments on their education, has been greatly reduced.

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